Top 7 Best Winter Getaways for 2018

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Winter is coming or better yet it is here. If you’re planning your escape, here are the best winter escapes. Sorrento, Italy Land of Mermaids. Land of Orange and Lemon Groves. Land of Colors. Sorrento, Italy is beautiful seaside town on the coast of the Bay of Naples. Attractions include cliff diving, deep sea fishing, […]

Dallas’s Own Wine Expert

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As a self-declared wine enthusiast I enjoy sharing my knowledge about wine. Excellent food deserves an impeccable beverage to round out the meal. More than anything I love learning about new wines from the experts. Royal Blue Grocer’s beverage director is the hometown expert. Chilcoat is a seasoned sommelier with a WSET Advanced certification through […]

The Best of Dallas Fall Festivals

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It is finally time for the fall festival season. Check out these local events in the DFW area. Addison Oktoberfest An authentic recreation of the Munich Oktoberfest, the event features more than 30 hours of continuous family-oriented entertainment. There will be plenty of “Oktoberfest” Bier and incredible German culinary fare to go around! The festival […]


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Kids will be returning to school soon – August 28, for most. And, with school days fast-approaching, it’s time to kick your kitchen back into gear. Follow these eight tips to make sure you start the school year on the right foot. Snack Station Long days at school mean hungry tummies. Clear out a low […]

5 Ways to Get Your Closet Organized

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How cluttered is your closet? This time of year our closets seem to multiply. As we are preparing for cooler months, but still in the warmer months the clothes seem to be all over the place. Here are five easy ways to declutter your closet. Donate Unworn Items Free up some of the space in […]

Building a Home vs Buying Part 1

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Building a home can be a rewarding experience. One of the most important advantage to building is that it will be designed around your individual preferences. A custom home is created to meet your tastes and can even be changed throughout the building process, according to U.S. News & World Report. Your home will be […]

4 Safety Grilling Tips for the 4th

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It’s grilling time! The 4th of July weekend is the time flex your grilling skills. Outdoor living spaces are a great place for entertaining and can significantly improve the value of your home. Fifty-one percent of buyers surveyed by in 2016 said that outdoor living space was the most attractive quality of a home […]