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5 Ways to Have the Hottest Pool Party this Summer


If you’ve got it, flaunt it. Summertime is the great time to host pool parties for your family and friends. You’ve waited all year to use your backyard. It’s time to party! These five steps will help your pool party be the hottest party of the summer.

1. Serve No-Fuss foods
The best parties always have the best food, but at a pool parties food should be easy to eat. No one wants a mess by the pool. Foods such as dips & chips or finger foods makes for an enjoyable experience.

2. Invite Your Guests to Enjoy the Water
Pool parties are no fun if no one is enjoying the pool. Help your guests out by getting some fun pool toys and floats to make the pool easy to enjoy.

3. Have a Fun playlist
Music can definitely get the party going. The music is the secret sauce to any good party. Before your guests arrive prepare the perfect playlist tailored to your audience.

4. Make Refreshing Drinks
The last thing you want your guests to be is parched in the scorching sun. Fun & refreshing drinks can help your guests cool off in the best way. Make it fun and add accents to the drinks for cool themed party.

5. Light Up the Night
Keep the party going all night with spectacular lighting for your pool & cabana. Solar lights are an affordable way to light the night.

Have a great summer party time!