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3 of the Most Scenic Texas Road Trips


It’s time to roll your windows, crank the music up, and ride down your favorite highway. With over 900 miles of open road, Texas is the perfect place to have a fun road trip. Check out some great road trips destinations you can use this summer.

1. Lonesome Highway

The stretch of road leading to the Guadalupe Mountains is nicknamed the “Lonesome Highway,” on which you’ll seldom meet another passing car nor see any signs of and civilization. It’s serene and remarkably beautiful all at the same time. To get there, travel west on Highway 285 until it intersects with Highway 180, where you’ll turn left and continue on the journey toward the mountains.

2. Willow City

Famous for its stunning springtime beauty, Willow City Loop is a gorgeous drive to take in the summer as well, including many brilliantly colored wildflowers lining the way. To get there, leave Fredericksburg on State Route 16 going north until you reach Willow City. From here, head east on Ranch Road 1323 and then make a left onto Willow City Loop.

3. FM 170 (Big Bend Region)

Running parallel to the Rio Grande, this gorgeous section of Texas bi-way is also known as “River Road.” Flush with turns and twist, the beauty of the water and the majesty of the mountains, this is a stretch you would love to get lost on.