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4 Reasons You’ll Love the Suburbs


So you’ve moved to the suburbs? City living just couldn’t accommodate your complex lifestyle. Admittedly, you miss living in the city surrounded by happening events, hip restaurants, and the hustle and bustle. Well, here is a quick list of reasons to love your new suburban residence.

1. Space
There is no doubt you enjoy the spacious layout of your suburban home. In the city, it seemed to be crowded everywhere. The streets are crowded. The restaurants are crowded. Your closet was probably the most crowded area in the city! Not only do you have more space, but I’m certain your pets thank you for a place they can call their own.

2. Safety
According to 2014 FBI crime statistics, within all metropolitan areas in the United States, major cities had twice the property crime rate and 2.5 times the violent crime rate compared to surrounding suburban areas. Even though cities had seen significant declines in crime—a 14% decrease in violent crime and a 12% drop in the property-crime rate from 2009 to 2014.

3. Neighborhood Community
Suburban living is the perfect place to find a community. Your neighbors become friends. You’ll find friends in the PTA, your community exercise class, and even the HOA. As residents of your suburban community you often share many interests. Lucky for you, you have a ton of space to invite all of your new neighborhood friends over.

4. Parking
Parking is one of the simple amenities that we often take for granted. After years of living in the suburbs we forget how much of a hassle it was to park in an underground garage and walk up the elevator. Admit it; having your own garage is a thing of dreams.

These are just a few reasons to love the suburbs. Comment below your reasons you love the suburbs.

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