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5 Ways to Keep Your Home Cool


Summer is here and it’s heating up! Our good friend the Sun has come out to play and it seems like it might be winning the battle. With temperatures over 90 degrees in most places we are all looking for ways to cool down. So now we have to crank up the AC to keep our homes cool.

Keep your home safe and energy bill down by following these 5 steps.

1. Cover the windows with light colored blinds.
The light colors will absorb less heat in your windows. The blinds will act as a line of defense for the home.

2. Turn off the unused electronics.
Electronics and electricity emit a low energy heat. Unplugging these devices will make a difference and improve your energy bill.

3. Invest in shade trees.
Shade trees outside your home will do a great job of cooling down your home. Invest in a good tree in your yard.

4. Try a night air flush.
A night air flush is the perfect way to get the stale old air out of your home. It allows you to bring in the cool air of the night to provide relief through nature. Here is how: Push air in at some cool outdoor location facing the prevailing winds. Use another window fan to pull air out on the home’s leeward side (side of the home not facing the wind). Experiment with different configurations of fans to see which works best.

5. Keep your AC unit up to date & repaired.
When it is time to turn on your AC unit make sure you are getting the most out of it. Have your unit professionally looked at to prevent errors like leaks in your AC.

Happy Summer! Stay cool!