2017 Foodie Trends in Dallas


As a self-proclaimed foodie, I like to venture out in Dallas and explore the restaurant scene. I am always interested in new up and coming restaurants concepts. Dallas is such a burgeoning city and it is great to see so many genres of food move into our area. There are some world renowned chefs wowing this great city.

The National Restaurant Association has released their 2017 Culinary forecast. I have highlighted some great places to try out these new restaurant trends in our area.

  1. Poke. Poke is a Hawaiian raw fish salad with that reminds me of sushi in its flavor and presentation. The technique of great Poke creators combines the bold flavors of the fish with rich seasonings and textures.

Pok the Raw Bar is a hot spot in West Village that serves delicate and simple Poke creations. Their sushi chef hails from Beverly Hills and was formerly at Nobu. What better place to try this new craze than from an expert?

  1. Housemade charcuterie. Is a well-spread mix of artisanal cheeses and cured meats. With its skillful technique, this arrangement has become popular when expertly done.

Scardello Dallas prides itself on this expertise. They have master crafters there to support the craft. Their menu is lined with some of the freshest meats and cheeses this area offers. They even hold classes to teach the careful technique of charcuterie to patrons. How cool is that?

  1. Street food inspired dishes.

Think of the bold smells that engulf you as you stroll down the street for lunch. Restaurants are now capturing our guilty pleasures in beautiful plates.

Flora Street café is one of the newest Stephen Pyles creations. How does one make street tacos look and taste wonderful? It’s all in the mastery of Mr. Pyles.

  1. Breakfast Burritos and Tacos

Tacos have exploded in popularity. Everyone has a new twist on this classic favorite. I am always intrigued to try another rendition. It seems like each chef puts their own flavor to what a taco can be.

Cinco Tacos of Addison prides themselves on authenticity. With menu items like Seafood Soup or Grilled Octopus they are on the helm of some fun creations.

What are your favorite new restaurants and restaurant ideas?