It’s Summer Time – Prepare Your Home for the Heat!


Temperatures are steadily rising and BBQs are all around! Summer officially begins this Monday, June 20th! This weekend is an excellent opportunity to take a look around your home and make sure it is ready for the coming months of Texas heat! Below are a few quick suggestions:

  • Clean the Gutters – With all the rain from the past couple of months, the gutters have seen a lot of activity! Take this opportunity to look for and breaks or leaks in the gutters.
  • Clean the Air Conditioning Condenser – After turning off the power, clear out an leaves or debris that are in and around the unit and coils.
  • Clean the Walk Way – Take a look at your front walk way from the street. Are there any bricks leaning into the sidewalk? Could it use a power – washing?
  • Prepare the Windows and Doors – Check for any gaps that allow air flow through them. WD-40 is a quick fix for hinges that are rough or squeak.
  • Check the Fence – Look for loose boards, exposed nails, or holes. Make sure to really inspect the bottom areas, to make sure all your loved animals cannot escape.

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