My New York Trip


This fall, I took a girls trip to New York City with friends. I always love the City in the Fall, because the weather is just nice enough to wear a light coat. The parks are lovely for long strolls to view the rich colored leaves.

The city boasted a list of great shows this season. We chose “The Humans Show” that follows the reunion of a disgruntled Irish family. It was a great laugh and deep message accompanied by great acting.
Time Square
The food was just great. This was my first time visit to the magnificent Todd English Food Hall. The menu is packed with every food you could imagine. Oysters, steak, lobster mac & cheese, pizza, drunken noodles, and anything else that you could imagine. It is truly a foodie’s field day.

We made a stop by Bantam Bagels because I had to try after I had seen them win on Shark Tank. They make mini stuffed bagels filled with all of your favorite fillings. So delicious and so fun to live out a TV dream.

It was my first time visiting the stunning Ground Zero. The museum tower is majestic to see in person. It was a pleasure to honor the grounds with such a exquisite memorial.
Ground Zero Musuem Tower

The NYC Highline Art Tour is the park in the sky tour. Vorious artists showcase their beautifl and eccentric works of art. My favorite was the “Smart Tree” by Nari Ward. It featured a sculpture in the shape of a smart car with a tree protruding out of the top.
The HighLine City Tour

Our last stop was shortly outside of the City. Stockbridge, MA is a charming neighborhood with home of the traditional colonial style homes. We visited the home of one famous painter, Norman Rockwell.
Norman Rockwell Musuem

Overall, it was a successful trip. I love sharing these memories with my friends. It is a wonderful way to take a break from the stresses of life. Laughter, good food, and good views.